Franger Centeno

I'm Franger Centeno 

As a web developer based in Lisbon, I am dedicated to turning ideas into innovative web applications. I have experience in Startups, Marketing Agencies and as a Freelancer.


Hi, I'm Franger, a web developer with a passion for creating beautiful, functional, and user-centered digital experiences. With more than 5 years of experience in the field. I am always looking for new and innovative ways to bring my clients' visions to life.

Whether I'm working on a website, CMS, Startups or other digital product, I bring my commitment to create excellence and user-centered thinking to every project I work on. I look forward to the opportunity to bring my skills and passion to your next project.


  • Front End Developer  Crehana

    2020-2022 | Lima, PE

    Collaborated with a multidisciplinary team in the Growth team making improvements to the main landings of the company, in the authentication, ecommerce and blog pages. Also, I developed A/B tests to test new functionalities within the platform. My non-product responsibilities included contributions to our design system.

  • Web Developer  Nodos Digital

    2019-2020 | Lima, PE

    Worked with a multidisciplinary team in projects for important clients such as Pinturas Vencedor, BBVA, Real Plaza, Brein (Breca Group), Clínica AVIVA, Monumental Music Callao making landing pages, forms, and CMS

  • Junior Full Stack Developer  Optima Marketing Systems

    2017-2018 | Lima, PE - Madrid, ES

    Junior Full Stack Developer in the OPTIMA CMR project, the main project of the company in which he bases his income and in which user data is handled